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This sample is included in the Android documentation. Testing 1 this sample. 1. The following file shows how to configure the Android Studio environment to run this sample on Android devices. Copy the contents of this file to in your android-studio. My environment looks like this:. Click the Run button. The first run will take awhile. Click the "Run" button. Selecting the "Upload" button will cause the code to be uploaded and the application to be installed. Developing Android Applications Build The application will run on Android devices by default. If you want to make changes to the application and build it to test it on an Android device, you need to upload the application to the Google Play Store. The application must have a unique package name that is similar to the name of the AndroidManifest.xml file. Google Play Store Configure the Google account or API key that is associated with the application. You can find information about getting an API key for your application in the Android Developer Guide. The ID of your application must be included in the Google API project. If you have not yet added the Android API project, you can create it now by navigating to the Android API project creation page. You can find the ID of your project in the URL of the page. You can generate an API key for your application in the Google API console. If you already have an API key, you can edit it in the API console. In either case, the key will be available at the bottom of the screen. You will need to add the generated key to Android Studio. Build your application. Android Studio You can find instructions for setting up an environment to develop and run Android applications in the Android Studio documentation. To run the application, you must select the 'Run' button (not 'Build'). Android Runtime The Android runtime is required to run the application on an Android device. You must configure the location of the runtime in Android Studio. The location of the runtime can change depending on how you installed the Android SDK. To run the application on an Android device, you must select the 'Run' button (not 'Build'). Deploying Android applications Deploying the application requires that you use an app service account. You can use the Google Developer Console to create an app service account. The API Project The API project provides




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Quartus Web 13 1 0 162 Windows Tar 2022

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